Hey there; I’m JC. Dreadlock wearer. Tech nerd. Game Developer. Head ‘mixologist’. How’s it goin’?

You may ask what the heck Glatta Papa is?

I started mixing hair oils and balms in college after a hospital stay ravaged my immune system, permanently damaging my skin and made my hair fall out in clumps. Desperate to sleep at night, I tried conventional moisturizers. No dice. Heck, I even went to this new store called: Whole Foods (there were only two then) and tried their natural options. Sadly none of them worked and I was sick of walking around with painful rashes and bald spots. I made my own personal body butters and hair oils in my kitchen. To my surprise, they worked! My skin healed, my hair grew and I decided that I’d  have to make my own line from then on.

After college, I moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in entertainment and video games, all while meeting my then boyfriend, now husband, Walter. After our second date, he marveled at my locs and wondered if the stuff I made would help his crazy, biracial curls since most ‘curly cremes’ didn’t work or smelled too ‘fruity’ to use. Instead of out going to dinner, we ordered in and I used my ‘experiments’ to detangle his hair. We’ve been together ever since.


Glatta Papa, despite being whimsical bears and all natural goodness, is an homage to Walter’s half Norwegian (Glatta is a play on the Norwegian word glatte meaning smooth), half African American heritage. My pet name for him is Papa Bear, since he’s nothing but snuggles. TMI, I know.

GP’s all natural ingredients are designed for folks who seek relief from their sensitive skin issues and its ayruvedic herbal oil blends lend a hand to beautifully wild curly hair that may want to tamed from time to time.

Salute the afro, the Jew-fro, the tangles and twists.

Nurture your dry skin with unrefined love.

But above all, thank you for stopping by!