Legal & Shipping

Glatta Papa Quality:

We promise that all of our products are made with the utmost care and with a heavy dose of love. We do our best to buy as many fair trade, organic, local and raw ingredients as possible so we can prepare the best for you. Since everything we make is all natural, some appearance, color and smell may change depending on the raw materials purchased.

For instances, if a product is gritty in cold weather, that means the virgin coconut oil is solid and will melt at body temperature. You may ask why not have product consistency? We don’t ‘cut’ any of our products with gunk, crazy fish lip science and mineral oil. Every product you open is completely all natural and any changes are made by nature, not us.


Glatta Papa Safety:

JC, our resident mixologist, is deathly allergic of hazelnuts. So much so that touching chocolate hazelnut spread will give the worse case of hives possible. Horrible story, right? Since normal allergies exist from person to person, please test all of our products on a small patch of skin to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the listed ingredients on any of our products. Please be careful not to apply to irritated or broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Glatta Papa Shipping:

We know you’re excited about the delivery of your incoming awesomeness, but please know that orders are in a queue and generally ship within (7) business days of purchase. All Glatta Papa goodies are hand crafted with love and take a bit of time. Our shipping is usually USPS Priority Mail and takes an average of 2- 4 days to arrive to your front door once you receive shipping confirmation. We’re willing to ship where ever you want us to, but please double check your address. We can’t replace anything if you forgot your package was going to Aunt Jill’s house or your job. Thank you for your patience.


Glatta Papa Returns:

So, look. Glatta Papa goodness is handmade, hand poured and hand picked for you. With that being said, all orders are FINAL.  If any of your goods are damaged, please contact us and we’ll talk about it!