The Fallout: Solutions For Hair Loss

Are you having those moments where you look down in the shower and just see a tangled pile of you staring back at you? Your hair decided to take a permanent vacation to DrainLand and your head never received notice? Perhaps you’ve been sick or stressed at work? Hair loss is one of the best external ways to gauge internal health. That’s cool to know you think, but I’m losing my hair now and I would like to stop the bald tsunami coming right for me.

I hear you. When I was sickly years ago, I lost my hair in clumps and wondered if it was ever going to grow back. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks out there to help mitigate the rising tide of hair loss.

Not wearing tight hairstyles (ponytails, tight buns, micro braids, etc.).

When wearing hair in tight styles, it encourages the follicles to be yanked from the root. Over a prolonged period of constant pulling, the root weakens and the pore closes. This is called traction alopecia.


Wearing a silk / satin night cap or having a satin pillow.

It may be unsexy to wear a night cap when going to bed, but cotton pillow cases are typically coarse fibers and will pull fragile hair. I don’t know if you can see in my profile picture, but I have dreadlocks (locs) and to keep healthy, clean, groomed locks takes a lot of work since it’s a style that can’t be combed daily, thus little scalp stimulation. I was taught from other loc wearers that silk/satin at night is the only way to go. I may look funny going to bed, but my hair is down my back, so there is merit to the cap theory. I recommend Satin Sakks; I have multiple around my house. They last forever and they are divine.


Diet and Water.

Do you eat a lot of sugar and junk food? Drink lots of soda and other stuff like that? Diet and lack of water, besides genetics, are the main reasons why hair loss (as well as brittle nails, acne prone skin, etc) happens. Get rid of the junk food, eat more vegetables, meats, fats (avocado, coconut oil, butter) and eat more seaweed (magnesium, calcium, zinc) and watch your hair improve. Keep yourself hydrated with water and tea (no sugar).


No ‘Poo’ Washing.

There is a movement on the internet called ‘No Poo’, which means no shampoo washing due to all the chemicals they contain. If you google No Poo, you’ll see women of all walks of life basically washing with baking soda or apple cider vinegar. These ingredients are in your kitchen, inexpensive and cuts left over residue from your hair and scalp. I use African Black Soap, but the choice is yours. Using all natural cleansing is better for your hair and better for the environment.


To Perm or Not To Perm

This is the one topic I’m hesitant to talk about since I’ve been natural (31 years) longer than permed (4). I do believe that every person has the right to do what they want to their hair because, hey, it’s theirs, but I always error on the side of caution that long term chemical treatments will alter one’s head permanently. This isn’t personal dogma, it’s scientific fact. If relaxers are your thing, please deep condition as much as possible, use protective hairstyles and try and take breaks in between sessions to give your scalp a break!